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Sheep approved. People loved.

If you ever meet Marco and Paolo, the first thing they’ll tell you is that our Sheep Thrills wines are made to impress. They’re big in flavor but light in cost, which is a pretty daunting task. But our vintners in the mountains of Italy have got it down. They’ve created the impossible and it tastes so good.

Sheep Thrills
Red Blend

Sheep Thrills Red Blend is the kind of red wine a sheep can get behind. Its flavor is round and full (just like Paolo) with ripe, berry aromas. Plus, there are notes of cherry, rich plum, and spices. One taste and you’ll see it’s a smooth operator that pairs well with rich sauces, pastas, red meats, and lamb…hey, wait a minute.

Sheep Thrills
Pinot Grigio

All hail Sheep Thrills Pinot Grigio! Abruzzo’s unique climate gives this wine a fruit forward taste that’s decidedly lush, refreshing, and some may even say flirty. Which Marco likes, he’s a frisky sorta sheep. Our Pinot Grigio has delicate, floral and tropical fruit aromas that make it the go-to vino for all occasions and palates – seafood, sushi, white meats, cheeses, and yeah, adventure.

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