Where We’re From

The Abruzzo region in central Italy is home to many wonders and many, many adventures. On one side, lays the fabled peaks of the Gran Sasso, Laga Mountains, and Mount Majella with their ancient villages and natural reserves. On the other, the hashtag-worthy beauty of the Adriatic coast complete with fanciful monasteries and whimsical castles. And nestled between these two regions steeped in history, tradition, and art is the perfect terrain for growing multitudes of the best wine grapes on earth…and some sheep who absolutely love snacking on those wondrous grapes. We’re looking at you Marco and Paolo.

For centuries, it’s been a give and take between the vintners of this “greenest region” in Italy and the sheep. Well, to be honest, it’s probably been more of a take and a take with the meddlesome sheep taking more than their fill of their grapes…but who’s to blame them really? Those grapes are really something else. Anyway, years of frustration and a few thousand Italian curse words later, the vintners finally prevailed and today, we can enjoy Sheep Thrills. Yay us.

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